Cohort Teams - Starting Dec. 9th

We are using our Jefferson colors for the names of our cohort teams. On December 9th, students who have not chosen to remain a 100% Everyday remote learners will return to JHS in a hybrid model, with the option of in-person learning on their assigned cohort days.

The first layer of designating cohorts was to assign according to households identified in Infinite Campus. Then adjustments were made depending on programs students are in or the requests submitted via the survey asking to remain 100% Remote Everyday. Cohorts must remain balanced so that we do not have more than 50% of our students in the building on any given day. This is why cohorts are assigned not chosen.

Blue Team and White Team cohorts received an email letting them know which in person cohort they are assigned to, and how to look at Infinite Campus to understand where they need to be and when. It is very important for students to check Infinite Campus and their school email at the end of every school day so they know what to do the next day, and at the beginning of every school day so that they are on track for the day.

School will not look the same this semester as it has in the past. Although students will still have the schedule they currently have, there are safety protocols in place which has brought about some changes. In order to continue in person learning, students must adhere to all protocols and procedures. Otherwise, a student will be returned to remote learning.

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