World Languages


The World Language Department at Jefferson High School currently offers a 4 year language learning experience in 4 languages.  Students may choose from French, German, Japanese and Spanish.  All classes focus on students learning about the cultures native to each language as well as learning to speak, listen, read and write in the language.  A wide variety of activities are used in class.  Students will learn to pronounce new sounds as well as learn a new alphabet.  All world languages offer an opportunity for students to travel to a country that speaks the language they’re learning in order to practice speaking skills and learn firsthand about the culture.

World Language is not a high school graduation requirement in the Cedar Rapids Community Schools, however those wishing to participate in the honors program will need to enroll in a world language class for at least 2 consecutive years.  College requirements vary greatly among state and private colleges and universities.   Most state universities like UNI, Iowa State, and Iowa require from 2 to 4 years of high school world language as either an admissions requirement or a graduation requirement.  The years of language depend on the school and the major chosen.