Social Studies


  1. Builds critical thinking and analysis skills
    (necessary no matter what your post high school plans are...)
  2. Helps you gain an understanding of the world around you & beyond
  3. Improves reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  4. Prepares students for active citizenship
  5. It's fun! 

Social Studies Requirements

Freshman Year

  • No requirements, but elective are strongly suggested especially if student is interested in 4 year honors at graduation

Sophomore Year

  • World History is required for graduation
  • AP World History is an option

Junior Year

  • US History is required for graduation
  • College US History is an option (Dual Enrollment with Kirkwood CC)

Senior Year

  • Government and Economics are required for graduation
  • Past offerings have included AP Government, AP Micro and Macro Economics, and online course

Social Studies Electives

Behavioral Sciences 1 & 2 (one semester each)

  • BS1 is similar to an introduction to psychology course
  • BS2 is similar to a sociology course

AP Human Geography (year long)
See below for more information

Geography (one semester)

  • Dual-enrollment course through Kirkwood; weighted grade & college credit
  • Psych 101

Current World Issues (one semester)

  • Course content is built around current events, with an emphasis on geography, government, and world history.

More on AP Human Geography

Looks at these questions - Where is it located? Why is it there? Why do we care?

  • So what do we study? Cultures, Languages, Religions, Population and Migration, Cities, Countries, Farms, Industries
  • Critical thinking, reading/note taking, and academic writing emphasized
  • Year-long elective Social Studies course
  • Students do NOT have to take the AP Exam
  • Prepares students for AP World History as Sophomores