"Reality is not a metaphor for mathematics,
rather mathematics is a metaphor for reality."

The philosophy of the Jefferson Math Department is that we will go above and beyond to help students understand and be successful in math.  Students are required to pass a minimum of 3 years of mathematics for graduation and are encouraged to take 4 or more.  AP Calculus and AP Statistics allow students to get college credit while still in high school.

Students have access to online textbooks for Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 through the Holt McDougal Online website found at Usernames and passwords can be obtained from their teacher.  This resource has tutorials, worked-out examples and online practice quizzes as well as all the material and homework problems in the text.

Interested in mathematics?  
Consider joining the Math team!


If your daughter or son likes mathematics, then the Math Team is for them.  The math team provides interesting problems and opportunities to compete in math contests.  Members of the math team learn concepts and skills not normally taught in the traditional high school math curriculum. 

Meetings are Tuesdays after school in room 137 and 4-5 contests on Saturdays throughout the year. We host a competition at the end of September each year for students from all over Iowa.

In addition, test taking techniques used in contests help standardized and classroom test scores.

If interested, please see Mr. Reynolds for details. (