English Language Learners

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Divin - I came from Malawi. 

African Tensalu

Avamary - Mexico

Bernrd - I came from Kenya but I'm originally born from the DRC Congo.

Divin - I had zero english, just say hi, right, unmu

Avamary - I knew a little english so he put me in first level and then he teach me more and more and then I can learn so fast. Yeah, I am in ELL 3. 

Jyce - I like ELA teachers because they help us like when we have hard stuff in our other class they help us explain cause they understand us better then our other teachers.

Bernrd - They inspire me a lot with my dreams because yes it is hard everything is hard normally but they just try to push you little by little and then you will find yourself there. 

I like how the teacher teach me. 

I want to study hard to make me sure that I know english very well so that I can understand the other classes. 

Actually if my english is not that good and not having an ELA teacher like we have Mrs. McAndrew and Ms. Kolaas and Mr. Trout they can find the definition and make me understand the words 

Bernrd - What makes me smile about Jefferson is like because I feel like I am a part of Jefferson because I know that I am part of the school.