"Challenging courses
for beginners and advanced students."

The Art Department consists of 2D, 3D, and digital courses that challenge beginners and advanced students.  We focus on our students being “artists” just as much as being a student and encourage creativity and self-expression.  We like to show off our talents by participating in annual community projects such as the Murals and More competition, KCRG and Old Creamery Theater Mug Shots, and a Jeffy Snow Plow for the city of Cedar Rapids. 

Our students have won scholarships and awards from local universities as well as the National Scholastics Art and Writing Competition.  We take the visual arts very seriously at Thomas Jefferson High School and we aim for excellence within the program.  All students who take an art course should be open minded and willing to learn new and fun techniques.


2D Track

Foundations of Art
Drawing 1 & 2
Painting 1 & 2
Digital Imaging 1 & 2 (Foundation of Art is a pre-requestia and have to be a sophomore)

3D Track

Ceramics 1 & 2
Sculpture 1 & 2
(After Ceramics 1, go into Ceramics 2 or Sculpture 1)

A.P. Art Studio (needs Foundation of Art and 3 Studio classes, Junior/Senior offering only)

A.P. Art History (Junior/Senior offering only)