State Solo and Ensemble Festival

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Jefferson Band, Choir, and Orchestra soloists and ensembles for performing at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, April 8th at Cedar Rapids Prairie High School.  Students performed and received written and verbal comment in addition to a rating of Superior (I), Excellent (II), Good (III), Fair (IV), and V (Poor).  Thank you to the students for their hard work and dedication and our parents, private teachers, and piano accompanists for their dedication and guidance in making a successful day for the students!

Division I Superior Rating

·Jaecylyn Bendixen, Marimba Solo

·Alec DeCapria, Alto Saxophone Solo

·Alec DeCapria, Oboe Solo

·Carolyn Driskell, Clarinet Solo

·Andrew Ehler, Vocal Solo

·Hailey Everhart, Flute Solo

·Hailey Everhart, Piccolo Solo

·Jacob Fultz, Tuba Solo

·Katherine Hodel, Cello Solo

·Khloe Hardin, Vocal Solo

·Elizabeth Moon, Clarinet Solo

·Shannon Morgan, Trombone Solo

·Grace Morningstar, Vocal Solo

·Lauren Moritz, Vocal Solo

·Michelle Moon, Violin Solo

·Hannah Nguyen, Piano Solo

·Hannah Nguyen, Violin Solo

·Sophia Pionek, Cello Solo

·Sarah Rosales, Vocal Solo

·Lauren Sheets, Piccolo Solo

·Spencer Sutton, Snare Drum and Tenor Drum Solos

·Elizabeth Thompson, Alto Saxophone Solo

·Haley Varo, Flute Solo

·Riley Walton, Trumpet Solo

·Halas Wilson, Vocal Solo

·Fiddles Ensemble

·String Quartet

Division II Excellent Rating

·Jolie Brown, Clarinet Solo

·Brandon Cano, Trumpet Solo

·Hayley Carroll, Flute Solo

·Cameron Cox, Alto Saxophone Solo

·Jimmy Driskell, Euphonium Solo

·Ezekial Hillius, Alto Saxophone Solo

·Kyle Kazimour, Baritone Saxophone Solo

·Tracie Martinson, Clarinet Solo

·Shannon Morgan, Piano Solo

·Shannon Morgan, Vocal Solo

·Jonathan Reinert, Vocal Solo

·Jack Richardson, Alto Saxophone Solo

·Morgan Settlage, Tenor Saxophone Solo

·Kaitlyn Simpson, Bass Clarinet Solo

·Trombone Ensemble

·Mackenzie Varo, Trumpet Solo

·Halas Wilson, Trombone Solo

·Caroline Winter, Clarinet Solo

·Sarah Woerner, Vocal Solo

·Caden Wortman, Trumpet Solo

Division III Good Rating

·Gabrielle Burkett, French Horn Solo

·Joshua French, Trumpet Solo

·Mason Koelm, Vocal Solo

·Alex Olson, Vocal Solo

Division IV Fair Rating

Division V Poor Rating

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