Pictures of Progress at Jefferson High School

Just a small look at some of the construction here at Jefferson. This page will be updated periodically as work progresses.

Lasted Updated January 20, 2012

Math Hallway Under ConstructionWork begins in earnest as glass in the hallway comes down and the ceiling tiles are removed... Setting Up for WorkIn order to begin construction, the classroom is stripped down to the bare concrete. Hole in the WallTo make room for the plumbing, a small portion of the hallway wall is removed. Duct WorkDuct work for the geothermal heating and cooling system is installed. It will be covered up by a drop ceiling later on. Down to BasicsFor many students and staff, the bare hallways under construction are a striking sight. Foyer ConstructionWorkers cordon off a portion of the foyer in order to drill a hole in the floor. Foyer Construction #2A view of the construction from the foyer balcony. Foyer PitThis hole will allow crews to run pipes in from the wells drilled around campus. Outside the FoyerThe cleaned up remains of a once-large hole in the ground. This sight will be common for the next few years. Foundation for New Window WallsTo accomodate the new outside walls that will eventually be installed, concrete pads had to be poured. Foundation for Window Walls #2Another view of the concrete supports outside the math wing. Geothermal Well Outside Industrial WingThe small object in the distance that looks like a fire hydrant is actually one of the wells dug earlier in the fall. Geothermal Well Outside Industrial Wing #2Just one of the many wells now on campus. Patio ClosedAs rooms are worked on, their contents are being stored on the cafeteria closed to student use. Pod PeopleFortunately, the move that many classes will have to make is temporary (just like these storage pods!). Pod People #2Another view of the Pod located on the cafeteria patio. The Walls Go UpThe windows in the hallway are gone (mostly due to safety in case of tornado), and the dry walls go up. The Walls Go Up #2Another view from the math hallway. Construction Continues... New FlooringTo prevent the new flooring from getting damaged, construction workers laid down heavy wooden mats. Pipes & DuctsDuct work runs down the middle of the room. It will soon provide heating and cooling for teachers and students. Pipes & Ducts #2Another view behind the false ceiling. Behind the WallThis photo shows what was placed in the gap made in the hallway wall. Also, a unit for moving air (the large box, top-center) has been installed. Math Hallway Gets a CeilingThe false ceiling scaffold has been installed, soon the tiles will follow. Industrial WingThe industrial wing is next...and the flooring has been removed in preparation. Industrial Wing #2Another view down the industrial hallway.