Class of 2018 Graduation Information

  1. Seniors, who have earned a diploma leave school several days before the younger students. Because of this early departure, the school does not authorize Senior Skip Days. The usual attendance requirements are in effect through Wednesday, May 23. Please help us assure that seniors are in class each scheduled day. Graduated seniors may stop in to pay a fee or return a book, for example, but they should not be in the building to visit teachers or to see their friends who are still in school.
  2. New junior and senior members will be inducted into National Honor Society on Monday, March 26 at 7:00 p.m. All senior current members must attend the ceremony.
  3. Rehearsal for graduation will be held in the US Cellular Center on Friday, May 25. Students should plan to arrive by 9:30 a.m. for this required rehearsal. Seniors do NOT need to wear their cap and gown.
  4. Commencement is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Saturday, May 26 in the U.S. Cellular Center. The doors open at 6:00 p.m. and seniors should arrive by 6:30 p.m.
  5. Seniors need to pick up their diploma insert following commencement.
  6. Clothing worn under graduation gowns must be dressy, including shoes, dresses/skirts or pants for women; and shoes, socks, pants, and shirts, for men. Denim jeans and athletic shoes are too casual and should not be worn. Graduates must climb stairs to reach the stage, so appropriate shoes should be chosen. Corsages should not be worn, and purses, cell phones, and cameras should be left with parents or friends prior to the ceremony. Graduates will not carry anything during the ceremony until they are handed their diploma cover on stage. Keep the cap and gown after the ceremony.
  7. Parents need NOT take videotapes or photos during the graduation ceremony.  A professional photographer will take individual pictures of graduates as they receive their diploma cover on stage. Read Photography will be sending a letter as to when and how to purchase the pictures. Also, the commencement ceremony will be televised live on KCRG 9.2, if you would want to DVR it.
  8. General seating in the stands for the graduation ceremony is free. However, there are also approximately 400 VIP floor level seats available for purchase at $5.00 per seat, cash only. Additionally, Box Seats may be available at a cost of $80 for eight people and $60 for six people, must purchase entire box seat.  The box seats vary from year to year. The sale of tickets will be sold only through the US Cellular Center Box Office starting Monday, April 24. The tickets may be purchased in person only. The Box Office is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM through 6:00 PM. All other seats are accessible from the concourse level of the U.S. Cellular Center, including accessible seating.  The accessible seating is one companion per accessible seat.
  9. Students who have already applied to a post-high school training program, a college, or a university have probably asked for a preliminary transcript. After all of their records are completed (about June 15), the final transcript will be sent upon request. Admission applications usually will NOT be finalized until this transcript has been received. It is considered a courtesy for students to notify all other schools to which they have applied when a final decision has been made.
  10. Past-due financial obligations, materials or books for current courses must be settled with the bookkeeper by Friday, May 25. Failure to complete all such obligations will result in the account being referred to a collection agency. In order to avoid this problem, make arrangements with an associate principal immediately if you cannot settle the obligation by Friday, May 25. This expectation includes money owed to the athletic or music departments, parking tickets, textbooks, library books and fines, and other funds for which your child is responsible—for this and all previous years at Jefferson High school. An updated financial statement for your child will be mailed the first part of May. Other financial obligations can occur after the above date, such as unreturned books, tickets, etc.
  11. The graduation ceremony is the culmination of the entire high school experience. We view it as a formal educational event, and commencements at Jefferson have always been impressive programs. Graduates have conducted themselves in a responsible, adult manner, and the staff will talk with students about specific behavior expectations for this important event. Please join us in discouraging any activities that would reflect negatively on our graduates. We would ask that no noise makers be used as the names are being read. Families of the student following would not be able to hear the name being called.
  12. Finally, I offer a note of caution about potentially dangerous activities that may occur at the end of the year.  Unfortunately, students are likely to be confronted with very difficult decisions in these next several weeks.  There will be parties at hotels, in parks, or at homes where there is no adult supervision.  Some of these gatherings may include the use of alcohol or other controlled substances.  Making responsible decisions in these situations will be challenging for every young person involved. The school has no responsibility for such proceedings, of course, but our faculty members want the best possible end-of-year experience for the members of the Class of 2018. We know that making such decisions is not new to these students—they have been facing similar challenges throughout high school.  However, the prom and graduation seasons are unique for many reasons.  We do not want car accidents, arrests, suspensions, or other upsetting occurrences to spoil the last weeks of a four-year experience at Jefferson.  Therefore, we hope you will talk openly as a family about how you wish to respond to the many possibilities your student may encounter.  Make practical decisions in advance that are consistent with your family’s values.  We urge care, caution, and communication throughout the prom and graduation season.
  13. Thank you for your continued support of Jefferson High School.  Working with your sons and daughters have been very satisfying to the faculty and staff.  This class has enjoyed tremendous success, and we realize the critical roles that parents and guardians play in those achievements.  For that, we offer our appreciation and congratulations.
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